Gig Guide

Elle Shimada full band ft Abbey Howlett

8pm Saturday 8th December

Elle Shimada is a Melbourne based violinist / producer from Tokyo.

A unique combination of thickly layered string lines and a crusty, bass ridden beats creates a cinematic and nostalgic atmosphere that evokes memory train like an old black and white 8mm movies.

She manipulates emotive violin melodies with ethereal effects, triggers lofi drums with a SP404 sampler and analog synthesisers with her loop pedal to create a soundscape unique and edgy, but samples she records from noises of cities and nature makes this original music sound rather familiar and nostalgic.

Cinematronic music Shimada creates draws inspiration from versatile influences. LA Hip Hop scene, house and experimental electronica, classical music, jazz, neo soul and world music tradition, while always carrying her home, Japan with her.

She is a fire. And a force.

Her live set generates intense energy on a dance floor, the heavy sub frequencies strikes movements to the receivers of her sound, while the intricate and feminine violin melodies makes sweet love to the groove and bass.

Coming off the back of playing WOMADelaide 2018 and winning ‘best electronic artist’ in the 2017 SAMusic awards, Abbey Howlett continues making ripples with her unique sound, merely sharing a perspective of this chaos.