Gig Guide

China Beach

8pm Friday 28th December

China Beach the Garage Disco, Freaky Funk, Dirty Jazz all singing all dancing 8 piece band have had a mammoth year with an incessant string of gigs, festivals, fundraisers, house parties and weddings. The band have been working hard to keep your body moving and will be taking the time to produce a record for you in the new year,

2019 will see the band take their musical stylings to new states, new cities and towns and new countries.
While you might not get the chance to see the band as often as you might like, you do have this final night to celebrate the end of the China Beach year with one final show for 2018.

Joining them at The Penny Black will be

Beatnik Collective- This crisp outfit is a future jazz group combining influences from house, disco, funk and jazz to create a Melbourne blend of tight acid jazz. They perform with a rotating rhythm section comprising of Bass, Drums, Keys, Guitar, Percussion and Flute. A band to groove, and connect to a higher vibration to, don’t miss out.

Beautiful Beasts- Fusing heavy influences from soul, funk and psychedelic rock records from the 60’s and 70’s in a modern context. Anything goes as long as the bass and drums groove, the dancefloor is pumping, and the music funks.

Make you Way to the Penny Black for some serious dance floor action.